Specializing in Live  Maine Lobster packing and distribution throughout the United States to businesses and homes providing the highest quality, hard- shelled lobsters with trusted service for over 35 years. Our company stocks only the highest quality of Live Maine Lobster making sure that every lobster is hard shelled and full of meat. We do not ship soft lobsters. All of our lobsters are insured to arrive alive. We carefully pack the lobsters in Styrofoam coolers with seaweed and gel packs to preserve their quality. Having a considerable inventory we can easily supply any order with any size lobsters from the smallest chick lobsters, quarters, halves and all sizes of selects from 2 to 5 lb lobsters to Jumbos weighing 8-10 Lbs.

While some customers prefer to call in their order which is fine especially if they have questions concerning their order or are seeking advice. You may want to make yourself familiar with our products by visiting our store before calling or order directly from the secure store website.  Viewers using small mobile screens are  best served by talking with us to receive faster service  about ordering.

 Grade A Maine Lobster & Lobster Tails

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Boston, MA